X-ray machine showing teeth visibility

BIG NEWS at Leland Orthodontics

We got a 3D X-ray machine! Let’s talk a little bit about why 3D X-rays are so awesome. X-rays are traditionally 2-dimensional. Anatomical structures, aka our body parts, are 3-dimensional in real life. That means that with traditional X-rays, you’re taking a 3D structure, and projecting it onto a 2D X-ray. Good, but not great, because you can only clearly see 2 out of the 3 dimensions. With a 3D X-ray machine, you are taking that same 3D structure, and capturing it exactly as it is…in 3 dimensions!

Consider this analogy between X-rays and models of the earth: a 2D X-ray is like a wall map, whereas a 3D X-ray is like a globe. Ever notice how Greenland looks HUGE on a wall map, but then you look at a globe and it appears much more proportional? That’s due to distortion. 2D X-rays are the same way – the structures do not show up true to size.

This is one of many reasons that 3D X-rays are so much more useful for Dr. Leland – more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. A couple of the aspects he can specifically see more clearly in a 3D x-ray include the width of the upper jaw bone as compared to the lower jaw bone, exactly where an impacted tooth (a tooth stuck up in the bone, under the gums) is located in relation to other teeth, and nose and throat airway sizes.

The purpose behind our new investment is two-fold: we’re committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients and this raises our bar to the top. Secondly, Dr. Leland loves doing great work. To do great work, a craftsman needs great tools, and for an orthodontist, our new 3D X-ray machine is the best tool there is.

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