All About D2 Treatment

Congratulations on your decision to "Put Your Best SMILE Forward!"

To make treatment more efficient and comfortable for you, Dr. Leland has decided to use a D2 appliance at the beginning of treatment.

Please read this page carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

What Is D2?

The D2 is a bite correction appliance that Dr. Leland uses before braces that focuses on correcting how the back teeth bite together. This is often the most time-consuming stage of treatment when done with braces alone.

With D2, bite correction is faster and more comfortable, ultimately decreasing your treatment time.

Each D2 arm (right and left) has pads glued onto the upper canine tooth and the corresponding upper first molar tooth. Two braces (one on each side) are glued onto the bottom first molar teeth.

Elastics (orthodontic rubber bands) are worn from the D2's arm on the upper canine to the brace on the lower first molar for about 4-6 months to correct your bite.

You must wear a lower clear retainer whenever you wear elastics (rubber bands) with the D2 appliance. After the bite is corrected, the D2 appliance is removed, and braces are placed on all teeth to continue treatment.

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Beginning of Treatment

  1. We will gather records (X-rays and photos) for Dr. Leland to diagnose and plan your treatment properly.
  2. Dr. Leland will measure the distance between your teeth during your consultation to custom order your D2. Yes, you get to choose your color.
  3. When you're ready to begin treatment, We will take an impression of your lower teeth to create the lower clear retainer. We recommend doing this immediately after your consultation, as doing so saves time at your next appointment.
  4. At the next appointment, Dr. Leland will glue on your D2 appliances, two lower braces, and deliver the lower retainer. Our team will provide you with plenty of rubber bands and make sure you're comfortable with how to wear them before you leave our office that day.
  5. Most importantly, never wear your elastics without wearing your lower clear retainer. Doing so would cause lower teeth to shift unfavorably and extend treatment time. Elastics and the retainer need to be worn for 22 hours daily to be effective.

Caring for Your D2/Retainer

With the D2 appliance, you can brush like usual. Floss will have to be threaded through the D2 to reach those teeth. To clean your lower retainer, use a separate toothbrush and antibacterial hand soap, and brush it thoroughly twice daily (when it is out of your mouth). This is the most effective way to keep it clean.

When wearing the lower retainer, you cannot eat or drink anything except water. Any other food or liquid can seep in-between the retainer and your teeth, which can cause staining and cavities. Make sure to brush your teeth after eating/drinking, and place the retainer back in.

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  1. Please contact us if a bracket becomes dislodged (or falls off). We will get you in to repair within the week.
  2. If any piece of appliance comes off, please bring it to the office with you to your appointment.
  3. Pain or poking? Use your wax for temporary relief. Call us, and we will schedule an appointment to adjust your appliance.
  4. If you have a question that's NOT URGENT, please feel free to text us at 775-900-9070, email, or call the office at 775-900-9070. We will promptly get back to you the following business day.
  5. If this is an after-hours EMERGENCY that can not wait until the following day, please call our emergency line at 775-900-9070.