Happy couple on their marriage day

Yes. Absolutely. We’ve had many patients do this who are extremely happy with the results. Let me explain…

Orthodontic treatment time on average is around 16 months but varies WIDELY from patient to patient. The total amount of time a patient spends in treatment depends on the steps needed to straighten the teeth and align the bite. An important detail, however, is that LOTS of progress is made DURING treatment. What’s even better is that what matters most in pictures – the alignment of the front teeth – can be accomplished quickly, sometimes only 3 months into treatment!

The aspect of treatment that usually takes the longest to correct is aligning the bite. Achieving a proper bite is EXTREMELY important for long-term dental health, but plays a smaller role in the esthetics of the smile. It’s critical to achieve proper bite alignment by the end of treatment, but wedding pictures look great even if the bite still has a ways to go. To sum it up, we can make your smile look great quickly, even though your entire treatment isn’t finished, which is why it makes sense to start before your wedding even though you’ll finish after the wedding.

Treatment with clear aligners simplifies this process even more. Clear aligners (commonly known as “Invisalign”) are removable and almost invisible, and often the treatment of choice for our adult patients. With clear aligners, you have small, tooth-colored bumps glued to your teeth (to help with tooth movement). The beauty is that these bumps can easily be removed in your orthodontist’s office before your wedding (takes about 15 minutes) and replaced after (takes about 30 minutes).

Nothing on the teeth in the photos, during the wedding itself, or during the pre and post-wedding events. The only difference will be a much more beautiful smile than you’ve ever had before! No extra cost to do this, and less than one extra hour of your time. Wedding pictures will be displayed in your house forever. The opportunity to love your smile for decades to come is well worth the investment to enhance your smile BEFORE your big day!

One of our patients, who is now married and finished with her orthodontic treatment, admits that she was on the fence about starting treatment before her wedding, knowing that it was only four months away. Fortunately, she made the decision to start at that time and now says that it was “one of the best decisions she’s ever made.”

Please take a look below at her initial photos, her pre-wedding photos taken just 4 months after she started (WOW!) and her final photos taken 5 months after the wedding. Her smile looked BEAUTIFUL in her wedding photos, it will stay this way for life (YES!!!) and we are SO GLAD that she made the decision she did! If you’re in a similar situation, we would love to do the same for you.