Give Your Child a Straighter Smile

The mandibular anterior repositioning appliance, known as MARA, is an orthodontic appliance Dr. Leland uses to correct bites and other orthodontic issues in children.

MARA appliances help guide the growth and development of the lower jaw while improving the alignment of the upper and lower teeth.

What Is the MARA Appliance?

The MARA appliance is an intra-oral appliance with two pieces; one attaches to the upper jaw, and one attaches to the lower jaw. This appliance moves the mandible (lower jaw) forward in cases where it is too small or too far back.

When the patient bites down, the MARA appliance shifts the mandible forward and holds it there for six to nine months, allowing it to grow into the proper position.

The most effective time to use a MARA is at the beginning of Phase 2, at approximately 11½ years old. Patients who need a MARA often need a palatal expander, too, and they can be combined together into one appliance.

We don’t use MARA appliances in adults because the lower jaw is no longer growing, making the MARA ineffective.

How MARA Appliances Work

MARA appliance at Leland Orthodontics are completely customized for your child’s smile needs. Here how it works:

Construction & Design

MARA appliances use a customized metal framework to fit your child's mouth. The upper and lower components connect by adjustable rods to guide jaw growth. Dr. Leland strategically positions the appliance to move the jaw into the proper position to improve your child's bite and facial harmony.

Adjustability & Progression

MARA appliances are adjustable, so Dr. Leland can fine-tune the treatment according to your child's unique needs. The appliance can be modified as the treatment progresses to accommodate the changing jaw position and dental alignment, ensuring effective and personalized treatment from start to finish.

Bite Correction

The MARA appliance gently applies forces to the lower jaw, encouraging its forward growth. This forward movement helps correct orthodontic problems, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites. By repositioning the lower jaw, MARA appliances help correctly align the upper and lower teeth.

The Benefits of MARA Appliance Treatment

Improved Bite & Facial Aesthetic

MARA appliances are highly effective in correcting bite issues, creating a more harmonious and balanced facial profile. By aligning the upper and lower teeth and improving the jaw relationship, MARA appliances can enhance the function and aesthetics of your child's smile.

Reduced Treatment Time

MARA appliances are more efficient than traditional orthodontic treatments as they reduce treatment time. The alignment process is expedited by directly repositioning the lower jaw, resulting in quicker and more effective results.

Non-Extraction Treatment

In some cases, MARA appliances can eliminate the need for tooth extraction as part of orthodontic treatment. By addressing the underlying skeletal issues, MARA appliances can create sufficient space for proper tooth alignment without needing extractions.