Meet Your Reno Orthodontic Team

At Leland Orthodontics, our team is committed to giving you and your family the best experience during your orthodontic treatment. From scheduling your free consultation to getting your braces, we'll guide you every step of the way.

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Office Manager

Tylar is our go-to for basically everything in the office. Seriously. From schooling Dr. Leland on the do's and don't's of social media to being the Leland Ortho fashionista and Invisalign model (you can find her videos on Facebook and the Leland Ortho website), she keeps the office running smoothly!

We are so lucky that Tylar decided to trade in the beach for the mountains, relocating from Southern California in 2017. She enjoys spending time with her Yorkie, Waffles, country line dancing, and yoga in her free time.

Her extensive background in medical administration has allowed her to work in multiple areas, including billing, scheduling, treatment plans, authorizations, and management.

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Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Besides being strikingly handsome and fluent in Spanish (Habla Espanol?), Jose is also a stellar orthodontic assistant!

He first became interested in orthodontics when he started working as a dental assistant in public health. His caring nature and ability to connect with people make him an instant fave among patients.

In his free time, you'll find Jose listening to classical music. He played the viola for six years before teeth became his passion! Who knew Jose was such a talented guy?!

He also enjoys playing volleyball, Sasquatch hunting in Lake Tahoe, and drinking brew from the local Dutch Bros. Ultimately, he wants to return to school to become an orthodontist!

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Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Katie grew up in the Northwest and has been assisting in oral surgery and orthodontics since 2009. Katie is all about getting down and dirty! She loves to go camping and hunting with her Labradors, Brewer and Roxxie. (They're adorable).

When Katie's not outdoors, you can find her at home snuggled up on the couch with her dogs and enjoying a glass of wine with some good ol' Taco Bell!

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Orthodontic Assistant

You don't want to mess with Jorge—he is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! But he has put his belt to the side and picked up a dental mirror. Jorge started as an extern at Leland Orthodontics and came on full-time after graduation!

When he isn't expanding his dental knowledge, you can find Jorge playing PS5, hanging out with friends and family, or even solving a Rubik's cube (fast, too).

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Treatment Coordinator

Meet Laura! She was born and raised here in the Biggest Little City! Laura has worked in the dental field for the last four years, most recently in orthodontics, which has become her favorite specialty (DUH)!

When she's not doing back flips in the office (aka being the friendly smiling face you see as you walk in, juggling financial contracts, or organizing the office), you can find Laura hanging at the park with her daughter or on YouTube!

Laura did dance and professional modeling when she was younger, landing in a video on YouTube, and is an esteemed pageant winner. Did we mention she also speaks Spanish? Is there anything this fantastic mom doesn't do? Eat apples, she informed us (but she will eat apple sauce!!).

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Orthodontic Assistant

Everyone, meet Leah! She recently relocated to Reno from Las Vegas at the beginning of 2021. Leah has worked in the dental field since she was 16 years old. Who knew someone could love teeth so much?

Leah moved to Reno to continue her education at UNR. GO Wolf Pack! Between going to college and working full time, she is a BUSY girl!

When Leah is not in the office (or writing a paper), you can find her catching some sun on the sandy beaches of Lake Tahoe or hitting the books studying. We are so lucky that Las Vegas gave up the best ortho assistant!

Orthodontist Reno NV

Victoria (V)

Engagement Coordinator

Meet V! (AKA Victoria but prefers V). She is from sunny Huntington Beach, CA, and recently moved to Reno with her partner Joshua. They have two beautiful little kitties: Evangeline and Brooks (although Eva is no "little kitty," haha).

When she is not answering your calls at the office, you can find V hiking, swimming, snowboarding, and any outdoor activity! She is also fluent in ASL!

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The Leland Ortho Sneak-Attack Squad

Gavin, Weston, and Mason can be found doing ninja moves around the office, telling jokes, and eating Goldfish from our snack tray. So what is their primary role at the office? Being cute! Duh.

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Waffles (aka Baby Waffs) is the Leland Ortho mascot! Not only is she adorbs, but Baby Waffs is also well-traveled, having lived in Northern California and Southern California before relocating to her new home here in Reno.

Initially, Waffles wasn't sure about the snow but has grown to love it. Her favorite place to be is in Tylar's lap, or anywhere that people will give her attention!