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As a board-certified orthodontist, Andrew J. Leland, DDS, MSD, combines sophisticated expertise with a caring approach to provide orthodontic treatments that are both efficient and effective. Whether you require braces, clear aligners, or more advanced treatments like airway orthodontics, you are in capable hands.

What distinguishes Leland Orthodontics is the practice’s persistent dedication to courteous, customized care. Dr. Leland and his team recognize that every patient’s journey is unique, so we take the time to get to know them and create personalized treatment regimens. Furthermore, we provide flexible payment options to remove any hurdles that may impede our patients from obtaining optimal dental health, making Leland Orthodontics the preferred source of orthodontic care in Double Diamond, Nevada.

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At Leland Orthodontics, our courteous and detail-oriented professionals are committed to providing superior orthodontic care with a focus on client satisfaction. We ensure that every patient feels well-cared for throughout their treatment experience. Our commitment to quality in orthodontic care is matched by our genuine compassion for each and every patient that passes through our doors.

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Orthodontic Services We Offer

At Leland Orthodontics, our orthodontic services in Double Diamond, NV, are tailored to our patients’ diverse needs.


Traditional metal braces are well-known for their durability and efficacy, and they continue to be a popular choice among patients looking for a straighter smile. In addition to conventional braces, Leland Orthodontics provides transparent ceramic braces. This alternative blends in smoothly with the natural color of the teeth, offering a discreet solution for people who value both beauty and practicality.

Clear Aligners

We also specialize in fitting clear aligners for people seeking a discreet and simple orthodontic option. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are nearly invisible and may be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, providing both convenience and efficacy. Dr. Leland’s experience in this field ensures that patients achieve their orthodontic goals with little disturbance to their everyday lives.

Airway Orthodontics

Leland Orthodontics also provides innovative treatments, such as airway orthodontics. This novel technique tackles breathing-related concerns that affect dental health and face development.

Common Orthodontic Appliances

We recognize that each patient’s orthodontic demands are unique. That’s why we provide specialist equipment, including D2, expanders, Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliances (MARA), and facemasks, commonly known as reverse-pull headgear. These appliances play an important role in treating numerous orthodontic difficulties, providing tailored solutions for a variety of situations.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! Whitening in Double Diamond, NV, is popular among individuals who want to whiten their smile rapidly and efficiently. This unique treatment works by administering a special whitening gel to the teeth, activated by a strong LED light. Patients can achieve dramatically brighter teeth after just a single session.

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Clear Aligners in Double Diamond, NV

Clear aligners in Double Diamond, Nevada, are a popular alternative to conventional braces for addressing orthodontic issues. These translucent, custom-fitted trays are discreet, making them an appealing choice for people looking for a simple, convenient orthodontic treatment. In addition to their visual appeal, transparent aligners provide other advantages, including removing them for eating and cleaning and increased comfort. Patients frequently express that clear aligners are more pleasant to wear, reducing irritation to the gums and cheeks. As a whole, clear aligners are a great option for anyone looking for a convenient and simple way to straighten their teeth.

Clear aligners in Double Diamond

Braces in Double Diamond, NV

Individuals have several alternatives when it comes to getting braces in Double Diamond, NV. There is an orthodontic option for everyone, whether you need metal braces or transparent ceramic braces. Patients should visit with Dr. Leland to decide the best course of treatment for their unique circumstances.

Braces, whether used to treat overcrowded teeth or a misaligned bite, can enhance your smile’s overall function and look. Braces are now more pleasant and efficient than ever because of advances in orthodontic technology. Patients may notice benefits in as short as a few months, but braces treatment can take up to two years, depending on the severity of your misalignment. Overall, getting braces in Double Diamond, NV, is a worthwhile investment for a lifetime of improved dental hygiene.

Braces in Double Diamond

Types of Braces We Provide

We provide a few braces options in Damonte Springs, NV, to meet the needs and preferences of our patients.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are an excellent choice for anyone seeking an effective and efficient treatment option at an affordable cost. They are well-known for their longevity and ability to address even the most challenging orthodontic issues efficiently.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces, on the other hand, offer a more inconspicuous alternative to standard metal braces for people who are concerned about their appearance. Ceramic braces are nearly transparent, blending in with the natural color of teeth and making them less apparent.

Both types of braces are equally successful in treating orthodontic issues. Patients can share their preferences and concerns with Dr. Leland to identify the best treatment for their needs. Schedule a free consultation now to find out which type of braces in Double Diamond, NV, are right for you.

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