Dr. Andrew J. Leland C-3PO

Exciting news! Leland Orthodontics recently purchased a 3D printer! In case you’re not familiar, 3D printing is a hot, new technology being used in a variety of industries that allows a digitally-created image to be formed into a physical model. At Leland Orthodontics, we are now able to scan our patients’ teeth with our digital scanner and print out models of their teeth right in the office! No more goopy impressions! Our printer takes liquid plastic (that you pour into the machine) and turns it into hardened plastic models in the EXACT form of the patient’s teeth and gums! The printing is extremely precise because the scan was digital. From the plastic models, we can make retainers for patients or even clear aligners (like Invisalign)!

There are numerous reasons this new technology will improve the patient experience in our office:

  • We now are able to move COMPLETELY away from the goopy impressions everyone hates…even for retainers!
  • Retainers made from a 3D printer are more precise. This is the next step in our commitment to keep all of our completed smiles in great shape for the long haul!
  • We can now make clear aligners in-house, rather than have an outside company do it! And no more waiting on lengthy shipping times.
  • Having this technology in the office puts more control in Dr. Leland’s hands. He likes this. He’s a very hands-on guy. The more control he can have over the process of making retainers and aligners, the higher the level of quality he can provide.

We’re committed to being ahead of the technology curve, in order to offer our patients the absolute best treatment available. And this won’t stop. We’ll always be this way!

If you have any questions about our 3D printing technology or would like to see the printer in the lab, ask any of our friendly team members and we’ll be happy to show you!