Smiles for a lifetime

Nothing is more amazing than a patient’s “first look.”  This is the moment following the removal of braces when the patient sees her new smile for the first time.  In a word . . . magic.  We’ve seen huge smiles, tears of joy and gasps of disbelief.  She never believed her teeth could look that beautiful!  It is this moment that we work toward.  It is in this moment that we get to appreciate our hard work and see a life enhanced before our eyes.  Nothing is better!

As much as we wish biology would keep straight teeth in place after treatment is finished, they love to migrate back toward where they came from.  To prevent this, every patient at Leland Orthodontics receives retainers at the end of her treatment.  It is CRITICAL that these retainers be worn per Dr. Leland’s instructions to maintain the beautiful smile that we worked so hard to create!

We treat our patients like family, and family is for life.  With this in mind, we’re excited to roll out the Leland Smile for a Lifetime program!  The LSL, as we so lovingly refer to our new program, provides retainers to all of our patients . . . NO COST . . . FOR LIFE!  No catch, it is really that good.  We love the members of our LO family and are committed to helping retain their amazing Leland Smiles well beyond their time spent in braces!

We are extremely proud to be the only practice in Reno that offers a program like this.  By taking this step, we’re eliminating one of the most common, aggravating and expensive (normal cost of upper and lower retainer replacement is approximately $400) issues that commonly arises after orthodontic treatment ends . . . you lose your retainer!  We believe retention is a CRUCIAL part of treatment that is often overlooked.  For this reason, we’re making the commitment to take care of our patients’ retention for life!