Dr. Andrew J. Leland and with his team

December 10, 2019, is a significant date for Leland Orthodontics. It marks 1 year since we opened our doors…and what a year it’s been! From volunteering at Pleasant Valley Elementary School to hanging out with the cool kids at Depaoli Middle School’s Color Run to being the impromptu MC at Brown ES’s Masterpiece auction, we’ve made a real footprint in the Reno community.

During our first year, we welcomed over 140 new patients into our practice and made major strides in establishing ourselves as a key contributor to our community. We can let out a sigh of relief as these accomplishments confirm that much of what we did was right. And for this, we have immense gratitude for our patients, our supporters, and the amazing South Reno community for putting us on the map!

Our mission is to Empower each patient to live as the best version of themself through the transformation of their smile. It underscores that we believe what we do has a tremendous impact on people’s lives, which is why we do what we do. By continuing to welcome new patients into our practice, we will be afforded the opportunity to extend the reach of our mission even further.

Looking ahead to 2020, we will strive for growth: growing the number of patients we serve, growing our skills and efficiency, growing the amount of support we give to our community, and growing our team. In line with this goal, we are scheduled to attend two national orthodontic conferences in 2020, we have partnered with two new schools in South Reno, and we have hired two new team members! Check back often as we have lots of exciting contests, events, and giveaways on the books. Thank you, Reno, for welcoming us with open arms into your awesome community! YEAR 2 here we come: fearless and ready to make an even bigger impact!